Who are we?

Hello, we are Rune Kirt and Mads Thomsen. As graduates of The Aarhus Architecture School in Denmark, we bring to you our exciting graduation project: KNARR™ Cargo Airship.

Starting as a graduation project in January 2008, KNARR™ nearly stopped before it started. Our teachers at Aarhus Architecture School thought it unrealistic, “science-fiction like”. After graduating with honors, we received great praise from international media and the KNARR™ project was exhibited in Japan, presented at TEDx and awarded Danish Design Center’s Special Prize – on top of getting us employed at the world’s leader in wind energy.

At this blog we have gathered everything about the KNARR™ project – the content of the project, the events around it and links to relevant websites. We will keep you updated with information around the project and new inspiration of relevant projects or developers or technology.

Drop us an email if you what to share something with us at this blog.


2 Responses to “Who are we?”

  1. Duncan Galbraith Says:

    As someone with “insider” knowledge of the future developments in the wind industry, and the transport requirements associated with it, I know that this is both feasible and imminent.
    The energy industry will become the most strategic industry outside of basic agriculture in the coming years, and components for the production of energy – from wind, oil and gas, must become bigger to meet the efficiency levels that will be required to meet demand.
    Moving these components to site, and servicing them will need a rethink of conventional methods – and this system is a world beater !
    This presentation captivates the spirit and the substance of the scenario that is looming just over the horizon. Watch it grow, watch it rise, watch it become reality. D/

  2. Mark Jocumsen Says:

    Love your work! I would love to bring airship transport services to Australia. We have big distances and a lot of remote mining. Any ideas on where to start

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